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Wood is a natural building material, which brings life to the interior. Wood is beautiful and unique,  perfect for windows, inside and outside doors. However, when not protected correctly it had a lost of enemies. Such as ultraviolet rays, that destroy lignin - an important component of wood structure, as a result the surface becomes yellow & gray and cracks. Humidity also affects the wood. Therefore it is important to correctly treat the wooden surface.

To process, impregnate and paint wood doors uses German company’s REMMERS GmbH agents. Their paints are water-based, dry fast, are resistant to moisture and ultraviolet rays. Paints are not only ecological, but also elastic, stick good  to the wood surface  and do not crack or peel. Wood doors can be painted on the inside one color, and on the outside other. This is a great way to match window’s color to your exterior and interior.


  • varnished on both sides;

  • one side painted, the other varnished;

  • painted on both sides;

  • each side painted a different color.

"B&W Systems" offers a wide selection of colors and varnishes. Doors could be painted in all colors from RAL palette. We offer a wide selection of varnish colors too. We hope you will be able to find the most suitable color of your choice and to preserve natural beauty of wood.