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B&W Systems Company provides expert consultations, projection and windows and doors delivery services. Company actively participates in apartment, industrial, public buildings renovations process, professionally accomplish various co-construction and special operations.

Complex projects and long-term cooperation with reliable construction companies confirms the quality of  B&W Systems services. High quality and short manufacturing period is confirmed by our professional experts, suppliers and suitable materials.

B&W Systems  company confirms that clients receive all complex of the services from one hands: from windows profiles up to after-sales service. This is the reason why B&W Systems  Company can provide you the production with the best quality and competitive price which meets the needs of our customer.


The quality of B&W Systems  services:


1)      B&W Systems  expert consultations. B&W Systems  Company has the most ambitious experts who will help you in choosing windows and doors, which characteristics are important and how to maintain them.


2)      Projections. B&W Systems experts will provide you a detailed project of your order. In the projects it is provided:

  • Dimensions of windows and doors;

  • Type of the profile;

  • Type of glazing unit;

  • Type of the opening;

  • Color;

  • Internal and external windowsill;

  • Other additional annex: mosquito nets;

  • The scheme of windows and doors installation and all the used material;


3)      Windows and doors delivery. B&W Systems provides production delivery services. If you order production with installation we provide free windows and doors delivery.