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Wood is natural material used in windows, doors and facade manufacturing. This production is for those who conserves their health and appreciate long-lasting traditions. Company is using only natural material for wood processing. Also, we underline ecology in manufacturing process.

 All the material used in the manufacturing process is clean, harmless, made by water-basis, and allows wood “to breathe”. The production is eco-friendly. "B&W Systems"  wooden windows and doors are impregnated by flaxseed basis impregnates, primed, painted or varnished with material made by water-basis. There are no harmful materials in the paints.

"B&W Systems" company slogan “Windows for life” confirms that production is exclusive quality, esthetic and long lasting.


  • Certified production;
  • Ecological manufacturing;
  • Product recycling;
  • High quality natural materials;
  • Ecological product for those who appreciate natural beauty of wood;
  • Combination of exclusive quality, esthetic and long lasting.