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People, who have a distinct style, who value naturalness and want to create a cozy atmosphere often choose wood doors. Architects and designers often advice to choose wood windows and doors too, because of the wide palette of colors, shapes and sizes and the choice of timber. High quality of wood doors will warm and make your house beautiful.

The advantages of wood doors:

  • Wood has much better thermal insulation compared to other materials.
  • The thermal expansion of wood is the lowest among the materials used for window’s manufacture, this way wood offers unlimited design possibilities and the doors remain firm and stable.
  • Wooden doors are long lasting. We are the only company in the Baltic counties, that offers a 10 year warranty for our products. Our wooden doors and doors meet the highest European quality standards.
  • Wood windows and doors – are ecological. We only use natural based materials for the treating of wood. They are particularly suitable for people, who are caring about their health and  value  traditions.
  • Wood is “breathing”  - that helps to control humidity balance indoors. It does not  accumulate electrostatic charge and therefore does not attract dust, so you don’t need to clean it with anti-static materials.
  • Wood  prevents water condensation inside the sash.
  • Unlimited variety of colors  - during the production of wood doors, we can obtain a wide  variety of colors to match the sash tone to interior, exterior or the color of furniture. In addition  transparent lacquers and colored wood preservatives help to highlight the woodgrain texture.