About us

"B&W Systems" – a rapidly developing company (was established in 2003). We selling and installing windows and doors. From 2008 the company is actively expanding development of business in Lithuania and foreign markets. Our specialists closely cooperate with the largest construction companies in Lithuania and abroad, successful projects only prove this.

Our products:
  • wooden windows;
  • wooden doors;
  • plastic windows;
  • plastic doors.

We provide installation services


 "B&W Systems" pays great attention to windows installation, therefore only high-quality installation materials are used. Over 10 years company has gathered great experience of customer service. Idea to sell Lithuanian products and also to cherish respect for customers unites "B&W Systems" specialists.

"B&W Systems" principle: the good window is the correctly established window. Our experts, having measured window aperture will define specifics of installation and will pick up the necessary and qualitative material for installation. All this guarantees that works on installation of windows and doors will be made professionally, and the chosen windows and doors will serve you for many years.


"B&W Systems" production is provided with  5 year warranty!
Product Warranty Service is a free warranty service of "B&WSystems", which is provided for the whole period of warranty. When bought windows from "B&Wsystems", customers receive contract documentation with instruction of product exploitation, which explains how to maintain the windows, so they serve as long as possible. "B&W Systems" always keep promise to provide high-standard products. Doubtless, you can get plastic and wooden windows from "B&W Systems" and get all necessary services. Our craftsmen come to customers’ home to measure the windows and to offer the most optimal solution. Installation of windows and doors, finishing and repair work are carried out by skilled masters. More information about provided services can be found on the website in categories PRODUCTS and SERVICES.


High qualification consultants with a wide experience will always professionally advise, what windows and doors should be got, to what properties of windows it is necessary to pay attention and how to look after new windows that they faultlessly serve as long as possible. Qualified staff will provide detailed information about production and services. Our employees, with all their experience, are our greatest asset. Their talent to satisfy customers‘ needs is the key to success. This is what we aim, when constantly training our staff, by creating the friendly environment for working and learning. The most important in our business is satisfying customers‘ needs. We try to achieve this by providing reliable production and services. We constantly try to update our services and management system, so to meet growing needs of our customers. We are happy to be able to realize big or small dreams of yours.

We are proud that you rely on us and thank you for your choice of "B&WSystems" services. We hope that your trust in us will grow by our long term experience and activity values and also will assure successful and useful mutual cooperation in the future.
We hope for pleasant and mutually useful cooperation! 


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