S 8000 IQ PLUS


It offers ideal protection from cold and noise, and makes an active contribution to sinking CO2 emissions. With its 83 mm width, it also shows high corner rigidity for more sturdy windows. The large steel stiffeners also add to the structural rigidity, and provide a stable base for attaching the operation hardware. Highly resistant against forced entry.

Profile width: 83 mm
U (coefficient of heat transmission): 0.78-1.3 W/m2K (for entire window with glazing unit)
Measurements: Made to order
Fittings: Handles are different colors, with locks or without
Hinges: G-U, additional security level is available
Glazing: From 24 mm till 44 mm, wide choice of glasses, different type of control
Beads: Aluminum or thermo spacer
Gaskets: Double
Trickle vent: Gecco 4
Additional color choice : Wood imitation on one side / both sides; different wood imitation colors from both sides
Additional information: Tilt&turn windows have 3 microventilation positions

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