Woodgrain finish

 "B&W Systems" plastic windows with woodgrain finish look like they are made from wood, and still maintain all the advantages of PVC windows. You don’t need to paint such windows, they are easy to clean and the surface doesn’t change through the years. Woodgrain finish is permanently welded together with white plastic profile using the process of co-extrusion and provides increased resistance to weather conditions and to mechanical impact.

Dual - tone frames are also available with a white profile outside and woodgrain finish inside or different woodgrain finishes on the outside and the inside. You can match the color of plastic windows with your exterior and your interior. The price of PVC windows is not affected by the woodgrain finish you choose.
The benefits of woodgrain finish:

  • a wide selection of woodgrain patterns
  • looks like natural wood
  • excellent heat and sound insulation,
  • resistant to sun exposure and weather conditions
  • easy to maintain, recyclable
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