Green line

 Such windows are more durable, more stable, more resistant to external impact, and remains longer white and shiny. And the most important is, that PVC stabilizer used, is non-toxic and does not affect human health or the environment. Recycled lead-free PVC profiles can be used for manufacture of new PVC items - such as toys, packaging and medical supplies.

"B&W Systems" plastic windows and plastic doors are popular for their design and practical additional functionality. We are delighted to offer environment friendly and high quality products with additional functionality. We are proud, that GREEN LINE plastic windows and plastic doors stands for high quality, reliability and durability.

eco-friendly manufacturing of PVC windows and PVC doors;
an eco-friendly consumer products;
full recycling.

Draw a short line with a special “LEAD CHECK ” pencil on the surface of PVC. Wipe it clean in a few moments. If the surface remains white and clean - there are no lead compounds present. If the surface becomes red - there are lead compounds present.

smart foreash
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