S 8000 – 6-chambers

This is the newest product of "B&W Systems" , which is used to manufacture new generation PVC windows from 6 chamber profile. Harmonious proportions, sleek contours and glossy surface make them elegant.

Excellent insulation due to six chambers in both frame and sash;
Very good rigidity due to large steel stiffeners in the frame and sash;
Easy to clean, thanks to a generously large sash rebate.

The advantages of 6 chamber profile compared to a 3 chamber profile:

20% wider and 25% warmer
option to install a 33% warmer 40 mm thick double glazing unit.
Profile width: 74 mm
U (coefficient of heat transmission): 1-1.4 W/m2K (for entire window with glazing unit)
Measurements: Made to order
Fittings: Handles are different colors, with locks or without
Hinges: G-U, additional security level is available
Glazing: From 24 mm till 44 mm, wide choice of glasses, different type of control
Beads: Aluminum or thermo spacer
Gaskets: Double
Trickle vent: Gecco 4, Innovair
Additional color choice : Wood imitation on one side / both sides; different wood imitation colors from both sides; acrylcoloured from outside
Additional information: Tilt&turn windows have 3 microventilation positions

smart foreash
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