Color window profiles


Colored PVC windows - is a unique distinguishing feature of buildings, that forms their unique image. You can realize unusual design projects and respect regional architectural features with colored PVC window profiles.

The palette of shades meets even the most demanding needs: you can choose the most suitable color for you – from noble white to luxurious silver. High quality of ACRYLCOLOR standard is approved by the RAL mark. Colored PVC windows allow you to create a unique exterior with eye-catching colors.

Colored plastic windows are manufactured from profiles made by the process of co-extrusion, where white plastic is permanently welded together with colored layer of acrylic. Unique process of co-extrusion enables to cover the surface of the profile with up to 2mm thick colored layer of acrylic. White profile welded with colored layer of acrylic in high temperatures provides a resistant, very smooth surface with no pores. The surface of colored profile does not crack or peel.

"B&W Systems" acryl colored plastic windows are resistant to weather conditions, do not scratch, do not need to be taken special care and are easily washed with conventional cleaning agents. Acryl colored plastic window’s profiles are rich in color and they do not need to be repainted, they also tend to heat up less.

The process of co-extrusion

2mm thick colored layer of acrylic (2) is permanently welded together with white PVC profile (1) using the process of co-extrusion (3). Layer of acrylic ensures the proper color, and the profile becomes resistant to sun exposure and more resistant to mechanical impact. Dual-tone frames are also available, allowing you to mix the colored appearance on the outside with a fresh white indoors style for every interior.

Available color combination

  • white inside and outside;
  • white inside and colored outside;
  • white inside and woodgrain finish outside;
  • woodgrain finish inside and white outside;
  • the same woodgrain finish both inside and outside;
  • different colors inside and outside.


Resistance to weather conditions

“Acrylcolor” surfaces are coated with acrylic, that perfectly preserves color freshness. “Acrylcolor” profiles for PVC windows are resistant and durable, do not change their features even under extreme weather conditions.

Easy to maintain and clean
PVC windows from “Acrylcolor” profiles don’t need any particular care and are easy to clean. They are dirt resistant and can be washed with convetional cleaning agents. The surface of colored profile does not crack or peel, therefore there is no need for labor-intensive polishing and cleaning. There are no additional expenses for the maintenance and preservation of the original image.

Scratch resistant
The surface of plastic windows from “Acrylcolor” profiles is soft and glossy with no pores. PVC and acrylic welded at very high temperatures gives the surface a special resistance to external mechanical impact. They are not only extremely resistant to scratches, but also resistant to dust and dirt.

Increased sun reflection
Beams of the sun pass through transparent acrylic layer, which does not affect infrared rays, and reflect from the background layer of white plastic. Therefore sunlight does not heat it very much. The temperature difference between the white Plastic windows and colored plastic windows from “Acrylcolor” profile is hardly noticeable.

Ecology, preservation of natural resources
Plastic windows from “Acrylcolor” profiles can be 100% recycled. The profile remains are being reused. Old and unused plastic windows can be re-granulated and sent to melt. The result of these operations - high-quality material that can be reused for new plastic window profiles and other products. At the same time closed material cycle is fulfilled.


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