Door profile system

 To better achieve the desired static qualities, "B&W Systems" has arranged the partition bars in the S 8000 IQ system to allow the insertion of the largest possible stiffening rods into the sash. This special arrangement of the partition bars in the 74 mm-deep profile allow for the usage of steel with a 30% higher stiffness factor. The stiffening rods are pre-grooved to allow for faster assembly. The proven threshold clasps provide for a seamless integration between door frame and threshold within the S 8000 IQ series as well.

There are also compatible corner weld joints available to increase the wind resistance and the corner fastness to a high degree. The wide selection of accessories allow for the construction of all common front door models. The finished door can be equipped with market-standard hardware and locks, as well as most filling panels of up to 40 mm thickness.


"B&W Systems" can offer the following doors fillings:

- glass (low energy, laminated, tempered, obscured and etc);

- plastic board filled with polyurethane foam;

- plastic boad.

smart foreash
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